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Hull University - tendering

D Gough

Dear HLA

i have been informed that Hull University have been tendering for architects to design a proposed 600 bedroom complex on Cottingham Road complex.


Do we need any more student properties ??

Danny Gough
March 18, 2014
13:33 pm
The University will seek to keep all of their properties let and i am sure they will market to the students that the safest option is them not those BAD LANDLORDS
steve middleton
March 17, 2014
19:49 pm
Here we go again add the 6oo student units to the 4,000 new homes Hull CC want to build in the next 5 years and we could be the first City with 10,000 empty units, madness.

This application should be substantially objected to by all members, lets get at least 50 or more objections submitted and see how the Council deal with it!
Graham Field
March 17, 2014
19:00 pm
After seeing the student accommodation at Leeds University and the serviced rooms at York built for students.
I feel that the only way students will accept them is if they are pressed to do so. or if the council refuses to pay rent for a student if he/she refuses a room in the purpose built block. The room sizes are closer to a cell. also it allows students of similar character to share a house that is let by a private landlord or specialist letting agent. I have had students and tutors in a self contained Fully furnished flat, rent 75 pounds a week, They can have mum or a friend to stay over on a week end.. far better than living in some sort of Hive!!
andy miller
March 17, 2014
16:39 pm
but i am sure the university will want the revenue and the council would prefer the uni as an easier landlord to control than the local PRS. In addition it will increase the number of houses for families that council claims are needed!

its a done deal!